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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Transfer Gallery Storefront

An online collection of editions from the gallery and our artists.

Items available online from TRANSFER are large editions and publications meant to reach an international audience of supporters at an accessible pricepoint. Editions are created and fulfilled in collaboration with our artists


Department Store

People of Print launched Department Store, an online design shop

They also recently launched a Kickstart for a new publication that you can help fund here.


Clandestine Operations

We posted earlier this week about their NetArt girls trading cards. See the full inventory of products on their Etsy store.

Gallery shows



Aram Barthol at XPO Gallery, Paris

Wear art on your wrist! A group show on very big and very small screens!


Internet of my dreams
Anthony Antonellis at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn

Internet of my dreams is an exhibition that deals in collapsed dichotomies: digital and physical, conscious and unconscious. It is an exhibition of paintings rooted in digital wanderlust, of movement dreamed and quantified.


Surplus Living
A group exhibition in Berlin by km temporaer

As the meta-category of (technologically mediated, and micro-published) ‘experience’ is increasingly the commodity du jour in contemporary economic analysis, as well as, correlatively, art criticism, how does this put pressure on how the art object functions as a commodity, not least in a period of continuing (despite wider economic and social austerity) art market boom?

Fresh links



Google Steet View cars chronicled by Riccardo Nava

my_Pleasure by David Leclercq

A collection of about 300 gifs, ffffound here & there on the World Wide Web. 

Prof. Olia Lialina - Digital Conservation: Not a Technological Challenge

Olia Lialina is a professor and director of Pathways New Media at Merz Akademie. In 1993 she finished her studies at Moscow University as a graduate in journalism. In her work, My Boyfriend Came Back From The War, 1996, she developed a special narrative technique with the language and elements of a web browser and is therefore regarded as one of the founding works of the genre.

The lecture took place on 22 June 2012 at the Symposium "Remediate - On the edges of the film, Network and Archive" instead of at the Merz Akademie.