Inbox: Celebrity Meat, Popcorn, Party Animals, Gay Check Online

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


BiteLabs grows meat from celebrity tissue samples, and produces fine, artisanal salami.

It all starts with tissue samples from your favorite celebrities, which BiteLabs grows into rich, flavorful meat in our proprietary bioreactors.

From here, BiteLabs uses traditional charcuterie techniques--curing and aging processes developed over the length of history in Italian cuisine--to turn this revolutionary meat into fine salami.

Now, we need your help. The next step is to get celebrities on board.

BiteLabs is the future of celebrity consumption. Help us make some noise; Let's tell the world we want to #EatCelebrityMeat!

Visit for more information.




by Emilie Gervais

Popcorn is a framed webring showcasing a selection of websites hosted on the Tor network. The ring is updated regularly. Submissions are accepted via email.

Tor aims to protect users privacy by allowing them to have control over the information they share when being connected. It also gives you access to information hardly available outside its network. The easiest way to connect to the Tor network is to use the pre-configured Tor Browser Bundle.




Which party animal are you?

Which party animal are you? check out the site Claudia Maté and Carlos Sáez did for

Gay Check Online

You want to know if you or one of your friends are gay? No problem, this webcam face check takes only 10 seconds.

Based on scientific studies about facial characteristics of gays, the Internet Agency NETRO has created an online tool to verify your sexual orientation in under 10 seconds. NETRO wrote an algorithm to compare your face with the original databases from the studies of the Charles University in Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In approximately 10 seconds a face is measured and analyzed and the sexual orientation can be determined. Gay Check Online is a rapid and simple method to provide the user with a sense of security and clarity.