Inbox: Interactive Game Play

Monday, 13 January 2014

Inbox: Interactive Game Play

F∆CEWORLD is a website/app that allows users to navigate through a 3-dimensional realm of their own personal Facebook history. Each individual user that logs into the app will be able to see only their own data “objectified,” which makes each experience uniquely specified to that user. Created by Tim Grover.

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Zeta is a collaborative 3D maze game. You can edit, draw on, and explore the maze. Any changes you make will affect the next player's experience. That is, until someone else overwrites them. Created by Brannon Dorsey.

The july2 art project is a hundreds of page long journey into strange and odd worlds. Absurd pages are linked with the strange and the critical and the difficult. Life is not supposed to be easy. The link is (the name means "you lie too"), and is created by Henrik Bengtsson.

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Vector Fields
"Vector Fields" is a series of interactive web sites exploring what happens when the boundaries of sport are manipulated through play. Created by Taylor Holland.