Desktop Views

Wednesday, 02 November 2011


DESKTOP VIEWS is a project about entering the (virtual) space that serves as the foundation of the working environment.

"Desktop is the main element of a human - machine interface. Desktop is your window to the digital world. Desktop is your first step into virtual reality. Desktop is a reflection of your individuality. Desktop is your everyday visual environment. Desktop is an extension of your organs. Desktop is the face of your computer. Desktop is your everyday torture and joy. Desktop is your own little masterpiece. Desktop is your castle. Desktop is a seducer. Desktop is a reliever. Desktop is your enemy. Desktop is your friend. Desktop is a psychoanalyst. Desktop is your little helper. Desktop is your link to other people. Desktop is a device for meditation. Desktop is the membrane that mediates transactions between client and server. Desktop is a substitute for so many other things. Desktop is a question. Desktop is the answer." - Alexei Shulgin

The site has been launched with the first 10 desktops collected and 5 more will be released each following week. The site can be viewed by 'Date' (in the order the desktops have been received) or it can be viewed alphabetically by 'Name' (with the artist's first name). After clicking on the thumbnail, the enlarged version can be clicked once more to view the full-sized image in a new window. To view the artist's website, click on their name above the enlarged version of their desktop. Below is a screengrab of my own desktop. - Adam Cruces


Adam Cruces
Krist Wood
Artie Vierkant
Yannick Val Gesto
Brad Troemel
Melissa Sachs
Aaron Graham
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Kim Asendorf
Brenna Murphy
Jon Rafman
Pascual Sisto
Martin Murphy
Bea Fremderman
Laura Brothers
Micah Schippa
Michael Ray-Von
Kate Steciw
Yannic Joray
Hanna Terese Nilsson
Billy Rennekamp
Marisa Olson
Chris Coy
Travess Smalley
Ida Lehtonen
Eilis McDonald
Aude Pariset
Juliette Bonneviot
Aleksandra Domanović
Lorenzo Bernet
Daniel Keller
Damon Zucconi
Guthrie Lonergan
Rafaël Rozendaal
Brian Khek
Christian Oldham
Sara Ludy
Paul Pfeiffer
Katja Novitskova
Kate Malykh
Timur Si-Qin
Kari Altmann
Constant Dullaart
Anne de Vries
Duncan Malashock
Niko Princen
Martin Kohout
Tara Downs
Mitch Trale
Parker Ito