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About Temporary Stedelijk

More than 7 years ago the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam closed its doors. Since then the museum organized several exhibitions outside of the museum. Located on different places in Amsterdam the Stedelijk has been showing the public's favorites from the museum's art collection. In 2010 and 2011 The Stedelijk Museum decided to temporarily open it's doors for the public three times: Temporary Stedelijk 1,2 and 3. In these exhibitions they again mainly showed works from their own collection; beautiful works from internationally respected and well known artists.


We think these temporary re-openings are missed opportunities by the Stedelijk Museum. Hasn't anything new happened during the time the museum has been closed? Why haven't we for example seen new works of young artists from Amsterdam? Why did they organize lectures, performances screenings and events, while the opportunities on the world wide web, the internet, are being neglected?

The Stedelijk forgot the internet, the Stedelijk overlooked the abundance of young and promising artists that the city itself has to offer. As simple as that.

We think it's incomprehensible that big institutions like the Stedelijk don't offer a stage for innovative and young artists whom are there right in front of them. Isn't it the responsibility of these institutions to invest time, effort and attention in it?

This is why we came up with the plan of showing an alternative; to tell the story of what is happening in the here and now. To somehow show the works of young artists from Amsterdam to the audience they deserve. We wanted to create a platform to tell this story, our story and to tell the artist's story on the stage of the museum. When we found out the museum didn't buy their own name on the internet, we did. And we created this website to show what Amsterdam has to offer when it comes down to innovating art.

Art, as all human action, is connected to the context it originates from. It is important to tell these stories. So, what we did: We went out the door, walked into the city, and brought the works and stories of these people back home, to put them together in virtual exhibitions on the stage of the museum. Every month a new virtual exhibition will be organized on this website; easily accessible and free from the nuisance of closed buildings. Always open.

Hopefully, the museum will realize its role, to show the here and now to their audience. And, how wonderful would it be if all the works shown during our virtual exhibitions would in the end be exhibited for real, in the newly renovated huge buildings of the Stedelijk.

Amber van den Eeden
Kalle Mattsson


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