Virtual Verbs

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Internet, London

As an architectural space the internet is never complete.

It continues to evolve, develop and inspire, consequentially impacting our use of language. Verbs that were once high impact physically are now achieved through a single click online. (eg. to follow, to tag).

Influenced by Richard Serra’s 1972 Verb List (over 100 processes that could be done to, or with a given material) and Brandon Bauer’s re-appropriated list (2010) I’ve compiled a set of verbs that have been re-appropriated, gained new meaning or have been invented since the birth and evolution of the internet reflective of my generation.

Looking at the internet as a subject as well as a medium, how do these newly appropriated verbs sculpt the internet? In commissioning a selection of international artists to respond to this verb list, invites them to react artistically to the internet in a physical way with a physical outcome placing the same value on virtual verbs and ‘real’ verbs as creative methods. This gallery documents the outcome and critical response, developed and curated by Molly Richards.



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