T.GIF 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

T.GIF 2014


"Nothin but Net"

T.GIF 2014 | MARCH 20 - APRIL 7

Adam Ferriss, Claudia Mate, Rollin Leonard, Jeremy Bailey, Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon, Jacob Ciocci, Lorna Mills, Kim Laughton, LaTurbo Avedon, Yoshi Sodeoka, Kim Asendorf, brianbrianbrianbrian, Enso, Mitch Posada, BadBlueprints, Angelo Plessas, Tom Hancocks, V5MT, Eltons Kuns, Emilie Gervais, Ole Fach, Theodore Darst, Carrie Gates, dadpranks, A. Bill Miller, Laura Brothers, Mark Vomit, 89-A, Clift N Anthony, Faith Holland, Etc Gallery, Rick Silva, Terrell Davis, systaime, Adam Braffman, Anna Thompson, Antonio Keserdhiev, Arjun Ram Srivasta, Christophe Jeudy, clickbecause, DMNC RMX, Ibon Mainar, XXX_F4NTA_F4RT5, Jason Clarke, jeshaka, John Swindells, Keith Lafuente, Kevin Clancy, LEP0LE, lermanator, Linda Pilgrim, Lorena Prain, Michris Pisucci, Miranda Pfeiffer, Patricia, Sunta Frunce, Taylor Holland, Tony Luciana, Viktor Timofeev, thereisamajorprobleminaustralia 

Pittsburgh, Pa. — VIA is excited to announced all artists participating in the
first annual T.GIF tournament
. The lineup can be previewed at tgif.via-pgh.com and competition will go live starting Thursday, March 20 at 12:01 a..m.when the bracket opens for public voting. T.GIF runs through April 7, mirroring the NCAA men’s basketball schedule. 

T.GIF is a March Madness tourney for original animated gifs. Net art all_stars and at-large entries by artists from around the world (US, Canada, China, Spain, United Kingdom and more) go up against one another in a battle for ultimate gif supremacy. It is the public who decides who has created the ultimate .gif by casting a daily vote. The winning gif-maker receives a $100 certificate to Gifpop!.

Game Schedule + Rules:
Round 1 March 20-21
Round 2 March 22-23
Sweet Sixteen March 27-28
Elite Eight March 29-30
Final Four April 5
Championship April 7

- vote for each pairing so all artists have a chance to advance
- only 1 vote per match-up per day - make it count!
- give artist an extra point by sharing on facebook + twitter                                
- come back + keep voting! 

Some competitors, at a glance:

Rollin Leonard (Portland, Maine, US): "crude, systematic studio photography" and compulsive body-scanner whose new work "Wave" (also appearing in T.GIF) was just featured at the Moving Image Art Fair, NYC, and on Animal NY.

Andrew Benson (San Francisco, CA): video artist whose latest tumblr project "Wolf + Unicorn" (also the source of his T.GIF entry) has been called "a pretty horrible love story in gif art" by Animal NY.

Lorna Mills (Toronto, CA): video artist and games programmer who was recently interviewed by Blouin Artinfo on gif art.

Yoshi Sodeoka (NYC, US):artist and co-founder of Undervolt & Co, a label for experimental visual artists, recently featured on Creators Project.

Claudia Maté (Madrid, SP): cloaque.org co-founder and artist whose projects have been featured on Animal NY, Visionaire, Dazed Digital, and Triangulation, among others.

LaTurbo Avedon (www): an artist render whose existence and creative output resides entirely online. Her latest exhibition Sunset at Mt. Gox, a virtual participatory monument to Bitcoin, just opened at webspace.gallery.

Nicolas Sassoon (Vancouver CA/FR): artist whose computer-based works often reference architecture and landscape is currently exhibiting in The New Romantics at Eyebeam NYC and premiered two new works on Creators Project this February.

Alex Bond Enso (Philadelphia, US) tumblr-based work has been exhibited online at ani-gif.com and SuPer Art Modern Museumand was recently featured in the Never Like It Is Now exhibit at Little Berlin.

Carrie Gates (Saskatoon, CA): featured last week on Creators Project for her new collaborative video, Kisik Acimowina. Has exhibited in Young Internet Based Artists (International Biennale, 2013), Neutral Ground Glitch Symposium with Jon Cates, and soon Videéographe in Montreal.

Sara Ludy (Los Angeles, CA) is one of several participating artists in Full Screen, a new exhibit at Xpo Gallery that opened this week. She also currently has work on display at Honor Fraser.

We're fired up.

T.GIF = VIA x Matt Sandler.


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