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GIF & VINE // [ANNE HOREL Solo Show @ Gallery Online]
March 17th to April 17th 2014
Gallery Online :

As a musical as well as visual artist, Anne Horel introduces her project « GIF & Vine ».

It is designed to create a dialogue between two forms of looping online art.

GIFs provide the iconographic loop, Vines explore the notion of the loop as both a musical and visual experience.

Horel’s work over the past several years engages deeply with Internet vernaculars, playing with found images, memes, viral videos, and other online material in feverish collage.

« GIF & Vine » is not only questioning the format of this tools, but also a reflection on Vine social network.

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Anne Horel is a protean french artist born in 1984.
Collage artist, maker of GIFs and videos, singer and performer who works primarily on the Internet and especially social networks.

Compulsive consumer of all types of audio and visual stimuli, “Collage-with-a-large C” is her preferred mode of expression.

Weaned on television, video games, Internet (and its precursor, the French counterpart Minitel), Horel is marked with the seal of channel-surfing culture, symptomatic of the generation that came of age in the apocalyptic wake of the Y2K bug scare.

A graduate with honors of the National Superior Art School of Paris Cergy, she was also selected for the Salon de Montrouge in 2011 (

She does segments on a French TV show about Web 2.0 culture (cf L’Œil de Links

She also has a radio show on an underground web-based station in Paris : Radiomarais 



Gallery Online

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