Inbox: 3D desktops, an interview with Manuel Fernández, and Best Internet Friends

Monday, 03 February 2014

Holly Herndon - Chorus, directed by Taniguchi Akihiko

A music video made from webGL 3D desktops. See and interact with all the desktops at


White cube or online gallery? Interview with Manuel Fernández 

Manuel Fernández talks with ART AND SIGNATURE about Domain Gallery and internet based art.


Best Internet Friends

Your Best Internet Friend is the person who likes the most posts on your Facebook profile. On, you can connect with Facebook and find out who it is.

The website will get all the likes that all of your friends did on your Facebook profile, and create a custom page that shows your top 10 people that liked the most of your Facebook posts. It will highlight your ‘Best Internet Friend’: the person that liked to most on all your Facebook posts in the last 6 months.

The project was made by Qanta ShimizuMasashi Kawamura & Tom Galle at PARTY NY. Party NY is a creative lab based in New York and Tokyo that does work for Google, Intel, Toyota and more.