Friday, 12 April 2013


12/4/13 - 11/5/13

PV: 12/4/13 (6pm GMT)

Constant Dullaart, Paul Flannery,Cieron Magat, Yuri Pattison, Hannah Perry,Angelo Plessas, Silvain Sailly,Travess Smalley, Jasper Spicero

To mark the second birthday of online art gallery, Seventeen will host the group exhibition SECONDO ANNIVERSARIO, featuring works by the 9 international practitioners who have had solo shows in's second and final year of programming on their own server.

Alongside this show, bubblebyte have curated Casa Del Divertimento, a take-over of the Seventeen website featuring John Michael Boling, David Raymond Conroy, Rhys Coren, Paul Flannery, Tom Hobson, Candice Jacobs, Nic Sassoon and Laurel Schwulst. This take-over also serves to launch the new bubblebyte collaboration between Rhys Coren, Paul Flannery and Attilia Fattori Franchini, concentrating on curating the work of artists within the fabric of other functioning websites.'s Secondo Anniversario runs concurrently with the group exhibition Like smoke relates to fire, in the upstairs space.



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