Lack of Spacial Chance

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Considering the dynamism with which information is produced in a time of information overload, and considering the virtual nature of the gallery, this exhibition is an attempt to challenge the viewer’s predisposition to conceive beyond the physicality of an object. The conduit of this presentation being the world wide web, it is an attempt to insert platforms such as vimeo, youtube and vine into Width: 700px; Gallery.

The white-cube is designed to contain an algorithm that predicts the circulation of the moving image thus the content is only accessible to the viewer in a controlled fashion. The viewer has no agency in controlling what is presented to them unless they look away.

It is an experiment that challenges the form and function of an image and the lack thereof. Artists have responded to this idea by recycling existing data to produce new meaning, a new layer that is mediated through the space in which it is inserted. The included works are preliminary sketches, found object, lost objects, unintentional glitches, chance-like errors. They gather in a space to form a network.

Just like ice-cream, the flavours of each “data-capsule” juxtapose and melts into each other as a means of underlining the sensory overload, the intensified stimuli presented in the endless abyss of the web.

Aapo Nikkanen (b. 1982 Finland, lives/ works in Paris, FR)
Leisure Suit Larry.gif
Infernus - The fastest car in the universe (of GTA3).gif

Alexa Gould-Kavet ( b. 1986 Massachusetts , lives/ works in Vermont, U.S.A) 
American Gothic .gif
Fan Art is Real

Courtenay Maze (b. 1990 artist/curator – lives/works in Montreal, QU) 
YouTube: but you don’t exist tho...

Jonas Lund (b. 1984 Sweden, lives/ works in Berlin, DE and Amsterdam, NL)

Kevin Leung- Lo ( b. 1990 Edmonton, lives/ works in Montreal, QU)
Contributed vines from his own collections

Pedro Moraes (b. 1985 Rio de Janero, works/lives in Amsterdam, NL) 
‘a long way — after sysyphus’.gif
‘a game of shifting mirrors’.txt

Thea Govorchin (b.1986 Vancouver, lives / works in Montreal, QU)
My parents are out of town (2013)
(Animated gif of original artwork)

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