Dream Home

Monday, 12 August 2013


Dream Home is a presentation of Kyle Goforth's exploration into his obsession with visual seduction. Goforth's work is culled from his fantastical imagination focused on the lavish, eccentric and haute-couture aesthetics. Dream Home is a video work and a selection of digital images featuring Goforth's architectural conquests done in Sims 3. The use of Sims 3 as a creative tool frames a form of design that is modular systematic and potentially repetitive. Goforth pushes this rigidity in his #fashion ethos creating lavish minimalistic homes that both fight against the structure and concede to the functional rules of Sims 3.

Goforth is an emotional designer. An informed emotional designer. His design process is informed by the emotional dimension of the user object interaction. Through the tactile; explicit and metaphorical; implicit associations of form, the work he creates questions the culture of standardization and design criteria of normalization, while always striving to extend social and cultural sustainability.

work by Kyle Goforth > http://kylegoforth.com/
audio by Simon Chioini > http://souncloud.com/chioini




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