Original Copy

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


"Original Copy"
Michael Bussell

Michael Bussell / http://michaelbussell.com/
http://www.spreecast.com/ events/ original-copy-michael-busse ll
JUNE 11th / 7:00pm /// livestream @ 7:30pm

Original Copy is a past project by Bussell reinterpreted and re-presented for Width: 700px; Gallery and its particular platform. The work is not focused on the subject but on the interaction between a user and the '.psd' file, the native medium of a constructed digital image. The 5 images presented in the exhibition are digital works created and presented in a modular form - a composition made up of separate parts - with the ability to dissect. This exhibition shows a small fracturing of these .psd files, revealing aspects of the images’ construction while also allowing for the viewer to download the file and delve deeper in the images’ construction in their native environment: Adobe Photoshop ©


Michael Bussell (born 1991, Illinois) lives and works in Baltimore, MD. Recent exhibitions include: The Shirleys with Jogging at Baboo Fine Art Printing and Graphic Solutions (New York, NY), SAVORR XI at Savorr (Norwich, UK), On Loan: Formality at Area 405 (Baltimore, MD) [2013], hArts for Art 3 at LVL3 Gallery (Chicago, IL) and Material at Main 0 Gallery (Baltimore, MD) [2012]. He curated Screen at Wilgus Gallery (Baltimore, MD) and will have work in a forthcoming group show at Springsteen Gallery (Baltimore, MD).



Width: 700px; Gallery