Sunday, 20 January 2013



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Curated by ELI KERR [Marketing Director at Craigʼs Gallery]


We are please to present our first online exhibition:

POTENTIAL ACQUISITIONS in collaboration with 700 Gallery.

The works presented in this show are a survey of items which Craigʼs Gallery is interested in acquiring. Through exhibiting these works before adding them to our collection, we can audition works without making a financial commitment. Circumventing the traditional modes of sale surrounding the commercial gallery, where exhibition often requires ownership for mere speculative potential of resale profitability. Here, the art exhibition serves as a platform for market research.

About Craig’s Gallery:

Founded in late 2012, Craigʼs Gallery specializes in collecting and dealing artworks on the secondary market. We peruse through pages of online advertisements to collect the very best in previously owned and reproduced artworks. Upon acquiring new works, our teams in digital image / art restoration re-document the work ~ our archivists and art history specialists work with our marketing team to research the works and provide insightful information when we repost items from our collection back into the secondary market.




Width: 700px; Gallery