(Im)material Museums: Evolving the Exhibition

by Edwin Coomasaru

(Im)material Museums: Evolving the Exhibition

It might seem that the figure of the curator is ubiquitous in the Internet age. From Twitter to Tumblr, the rise of blogging and social media platforms has presented a myriad of opportunities to collect, archive, share and re-contextualise. Could a hashtag or a YouTube playlist constitute an exhibition? For some, ‘curating is now linguistically deluded beyond the point of return to an artistic context – Whole Foods encourages you to ‘curate’ your own selection of organic produce’.1 But is this necessarily a problem? Curating has never taken place solely in museums: every CD collection, family photo album, pin-board or bookshelf is an archive maintained by someone. The fundamental characteristic of curating – the valuation of an individual’s judgement, taste or agenda – remains the same whether it is Justin Bieber’s Twitter feed or the Turner Prize. The public dimension of the Internet has just made many more of these collections visible to a much wider audience at a relatively low cost.

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