Inbox: Transmediale Art Hack Day Berlin #Afterglow Projects

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Below are a few of the web based projects that came out of Art Hack Day Berlin #Afterglow at this year's Transmediale Festival.

Created by Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach

TRANSMOJI gives you the opportunity to transport your emotional waste directly into the Transmediale "After Glow" Art Hack Day exhibition in Berlin.

For a little e-waste protection fee you are allowed to create an Emoji composition to be played back as audio intervention during the exhibition. Your composition will be recorded with your audience and uploaded to YouTube. To close the e-waste cycle you will receive a notification Email with a link to your personal video.

It's time for emotions.


Parked Domain Gallery
Created by Olof Mathe, Paul Christoph, Thiago Hersan & Art Hack Day participants

Remember the test screens on TV? Today's equivalent are those spammy GoDaddy ads on our parked domains. Let's make them into online galleries instead.

The collection currently being shown on this parked domain is a carefully curated selection of the finest pieces of Art Hack Day Berlin #afterglow participants.

Want to add your domain or art? Get in touch with is at @olofster or @captDaylight and we'll give you the info.


Created by David Huerta, Rachel Uwa

Footage from open-hardware life-logging camera worn by various participants stiched into an infinitrely-growing gif.