Club Rothko Builder

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Club Rothko Builder

Utilizing the infinite resources from the internet as a medium and WebGL as the canvas, Club Rothko Builder gives users the chance to build, experiment and share online digital sculptures. Light and dark values from a supplied image or gif URL distorts a 3D base mesh to create a unique digital sculpture. Light values push the mesh outward and dark values leave the mesh unchanged. There are adjustable parameters (in the form of sliders, buttons and drop down menus) that allows the user to manipulate almost every aspect of the sculpture. The user can increase the amount of distortion creating a more abstract mesh, or less for a more literal representation of the original image. For the base mesh one could specify a sphere, cube, or more complex shapes like a tetrahedron. Users can also adjust the color, reflectivity and shininess of the sculpture. There are also sliders and parameters to adjust the background and environment allowing for even greater control of the final piece. Club Rothko Builder also allows the user to screen capture, archive, and share their sculptures. 

The project was inspired by LaTurbo Avedon’s New Sculpt projects, which use a system of image mapping using image files. For her exhibition CLUB ROTHKO with Gallery Online, LaTurbo called for submissions of selfies from her social network to use as source material.

Collaboration by Vince Mckelvie + LaTurbo Avedon

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