Book release: Art and the Internet

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Book release: Art and the Internet

In its 25 year history, art and its relationship to the internet has radically changed. Art and the Internet is a much-needed visual survey of art existing on, influenced by, and taking the subject of the internet over the last two and a half decades, offering an alternative chronology of the internet via the changing ‘of the time’ opinions from the late 1980s until today.

From the early 90s the internet has had multiple roles in art; defining several new genres of practitioners, from early networked online art to new forms of interactive and participatory works; globalizing and challenging commerce and copyright in the arts; and connecting the global art worlds.

Art and the Internet features newly commissioned essays about the history, development and future of art and the internet from leading writers and curators in the field, as well as showing how the multifarious global art worlds use the internet, from activism to voyeurism to marketing, and illuminating how the internet has or hasn’t altered what we define as the ‘art world’.

Chapters cover Net. Art, social media influenced art, Post- Fordist art, activist art, surveillance-related work, post-internet art, internet-enabled participatory, interactive and video art, exampled by the work of notable artists such as Golan Levin, Alexei Shulgin, Vuc Cosik,, Guthrie Lonergan, Oliver Laric, Dragan Espenschied, Ryan Trecartin, Lucky PDF, Natalie Bookchin, and Seth Price amongst others. 



Joanne McNeil, Domenico Quaranta, Nick Lambert

February 2014
240 pages
300 colour and b/w ills
28 x 23 cm / 9 x 11 in
ISBN 978-1-907317-98-9

£19.95 | $29.95

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