APOPHENIA: An essay by Daniel Rourke

by Daniel Rourke

APOPHENIA: An essay by Daniel Rourke

The World Wide Web we once bragged about ‘surfing’ now has tides so swollen that every square inch of dry land has become saturated.


Out of the eddies and the currents comes a reinvigorated drive to classify and catalogue, to order the digital detritus engulfing us. Confronting a new universe of images we are led, so argues Marisa olson, ‘to consider the relationship between taxonomy à la the stuffed-pet metaphor and taxonomy à la the digital archive.’ How such descript images, contrived memories and prized pixelated discoveries tend to lose their original substance once shuffled into taxonomies. As the image collector copies and pastes another pretty trinket and carefully stows it in the wunderkammer of their Tumblr they enact the most primitive of human drives to capture and classify the messy, entropic world. Locating themselves at what Alan bourassa terms ‘the position of masters who control a circus of unruly signs.’ [...]

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