Thursday, 12 December 2013

"Greetings from Michigannehorel" is a musical webseries in 6 episodes & 6 music videos shot in Michigan. Each episode borrows a different film and television genre (sci-fi, road movie, sitcom...).

The series tells the story of the character Anne Horel as she travels through Michigan. New episodes air every Wednesday, beginning December 11th.

Full details about the project can be found on the crowfunding site KissKissBankBank. Check out the series trailer and synopsis below:


Anne Horel, a major star in France, meets a wealthy American producer at one of her concerts. He invites her to go tour in Michigan and launch her career in the United States. She decides to follow but does not realize all the obstacles she has to overcome to complete this project.

On the road to adventure, Horel will discover the USA — for the better and for the worse.

This road trip across Michigan — the birthplace of punk, Motown and electronic music — takes our heroine through a whirlwind of surreal adventures. During this epic adventure, she meets the pantheon of music legends, guided by supernatural entities.

The story begins when Anne Horel is at the peak of her career in France. She is a superstar — invited on all TV shows, featured on the front page of every newspaper, playing sold-out shows in arenas and stadiums.

The time has come for the phenomenon Anne Horel to be exported across the Atlantic to America, the land of plenty where her burning dreams of an international career can be realized.

Deciding to follow her instincts and make a new start in life, she takes off for Michigan.

Faced with logistical catastrophes and surreal encounters, she will fight to the end to keep faith in the project and make herself known. The songs that punctuate the cascade of events will reveal the humorous and adventurous mood of the tale.

Her journey will take her on a mystical quest through the folkloric land of Michigan. This tour will not be easy, and the character of Anne Horel embodies the figure of the anti-hero — a kind of Faustian Beat Generation 2.0 served with an electronic sauce.

The aesthetic, borrowed from various films and television programs, registers America’s tinge of mutant culture that has emerged in recent years under the influence of the World Wide Web. This hybrid aesthetic is close to the collage artworks that Anne Lauroz and Anne Horel have developed in their collective and individual artistic practice.