Mary Bond releases 'selfies once removed' website

Thursday, 05 December 2013

Mary Bond releases 'selfies once removed' website

Mary Bond releases autodissociate me, a 'selfies once removed' website:

autodissociate me
mary bond ft ian aleksander adams

this is a new website i’ve been working on w ian... it’s randomized, so you get a new composition every time you visit, or you can just hit the button if you wanna mix it up, p swaggy if i do say so myself. it was made for desktop viewin’ but its also been optimized for ur iphone viewing experience

other rad features:

i’m rly obsessed w selfies and this site is all abt them. during our skype sessions, ian takes screencaps of me and uploads them to the site.. he’s technically capturing/curating the images, but i’m controlling the way i present myself. we’ve started calling ‘em “selfies once removed”. it's our way of exploring the idea of "dissociated" selfies, which is relevant to my interests cuz i have dissociative identity disorder. selfies, believe it or not, have been v theraputic for me

the text is quotes i;ve gathered that seem relevant to selfies and also a bit of my own writing... felt like it was important to demonstrate that its not just me writing it, it’s more of a networked response or explanation, as most pieces probable are

the website will continue to be updated with additional images over time as well as gathering new quotes as people respond to it and continue to talk about selfies, identity, and other relevant topics.

- mary