Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf present Shitstorm on Newborn

Thursday, 05 December 2013

Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf present Shitstorm on Newborn

Friday 6th of December 2013 | 12:00 am
PAF - Festival of Film Animation, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Shitstorm on Newborn

Online Performance
Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf (DE), 2013

PAF - Festival of Film Animation has this year became a partner with German internet gallery Fach & Asendorf (Ole Fach, Kim Asendorf), that will also participate on the festival programme.

PAF – Festival of Film Animation and modern art is held for the twelfth year already in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The dealing with conception of animation at this festival is rather unique in this festival – they concentrate on the phenomena of animation in context of cinematography, media studies and visual arts. Here are the terms that rank among the key words and the leading topics: animation, archiving, audiovisual art, database, design, digital culture, experimental film, intermediality, cinematography, presentation, motion picture, remediation, video art.

Fach & Asendorf Gallery has prepared for PAF curatorial selection of Internet Videos, infamous video art from artists who use the Internet as an intellectual, cultural inspirational source. Apart from this, famous German contemporary digital artists Ole Fach and Kim Asendorf will perform, exclusively for PAF, original and rather provocative piece on Facebook Shitstorm on Newborn.

Shitstorm on Newborn
Online Performance, 2013
Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf

Everybody enjoys the pleasure of newborn pictures on Facebook, we love to add cute comments and even love to share the babies of our friends. Newborns are the holy grail of privacy posting. Why is the photo of a newborn so untouchable? Is it the innocence?

Konrad Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema, a set of facial and body features, that make a creature appear "cute" and activate in others the motivation to care for it.

Maybe a Newborn reminds people of their own birth or they just wish to have a baby too. There is a secret and indescribable feeling that keeps you calm and you feel a little bit dazed when you see them, they are like a brightening drug. In the offline world newborns live in a very lovingly and guarded comfort zone, where everybody wants there best and everybody cares. But online there is another world, if you put your newborn on the Internet nobody can protect them.

We will show a newborn's life on the Internet, in an one hour live performance on Facebook. We will engage Facebook users to insult Babies and muck around with other users. Our desktops will be live streamed into the PAF exhibition in Olomouc.