Mark Amerika Launches Digital Artworks on Sedition

Thursday, 29 August 2013

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London, 29 August 2013

Mark Amerika Launches Digital Artworks on Sedition

MarkAmerika NewAestheticTV on iMac

 #New Aesthetic TV (Extended Play Remix) by Mark Amerika displayed on a iMac

We’re delighted to share with you the launch of Mark Amerika, a pioneer internet artist on Sedition. 

Mark Amerika has created two new digital limited editions for the opening of his exhibition with artist Shu Lea Cheang at Furtherfield Gallery in London opening 31 August until 20 October#NewAesthetic TV (Extended Play Remix) and Honolulu Hermes are each available starting at £15 in editions of 300. 

Any purchased editions can be viewed in high definition directly from the Sedition website or through one of the free Sedition apps for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung Allshare-enabled devices.

#NewAesthetic TV (Extended Play Remix)
Mark Amerika’s short video piece #NewAesthetic TV (Extended Play Remix) explores what is commonly known as glitch aesthetics and is the product of reworking source material from his transmedia piece Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (MOGA), 2012,  which was part of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Manchester, and Digital Aesthetic Exhibition, Harris Museum, Lancashire.

Honolulu Hermes
Mark Amerika’s video piece Honolulu Hermes pays tribute to the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where he has been living part-time since more than a decade. The work’s title, references the Olympian god Hermes in ancient Greek mythology and casts Amerika in the light of a trickster, a messenger, a poet and athlete whose manipulated film of himself walking on the beach seems to endow the artist with wings on his feet that allow him to float, to fly - even to walk on water. 

About the artist
American media artist, novelist and theorist Mark Amerika (b.1960) has been exploring the nature and possibilities of the internet and how virtual communication and reality interact with and affect everyday life since the early 1990s. Amerika’s work has been exhibited internationally at the Whitney Biennial of American Art, New York; the Denver Art Museum, Denver; the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; and the Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis. Amerika was named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator" in their series of the most influential artists into the 21st Century. Mark Amerika lives and works in Boulder, Colorado and Kailua, Hawaii.  
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