Lorna Mills: The Axis of Something, at Transfer Gallery

Friday, 14 June 2013


a solo exhibition by Lorna Mills

June 14
through July 13th
An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 14 from 7 – 11PM at Transfer.

Lorna Mill’s solo exhibition at TRANSFER features a new body of work that beguiles with surface and color. Her recent series of digital prints – glazed and neatly tiled into large-scale compositions – has grown to epic proportions for this show.  In ‘The Axis of Something’ Lorna pairs her prints with a selection of GIFs, creating an animated experience of sublime beauty not to be missed.

A publication will accompany the exhibition with contributions from Sally McKay,  an independent curator and art writer living in Toronto, and RM Vaughan, a Toronto-based writer and video artist currently living in Berlin.

An excerpt from "The Axis of Something" by Sally McKay

"Sometime around the year 1280, the Florentine artist Cimabue painted detailed highlights on the robe of the Virgin with gold leaf. The result is very strange. The play of light on fabric has an illusionistic quality suggesting form and depth, but at the same time, the light itself takes on a very present materiality as an applied precious metal.

Lorna Mills artworks have a similar quality in that they impact on several perceptual registers at once. Scanned images of shiny ceramic animals, printed out so large that the highlights become colourful rivers of molten abstraction, gleam with a physical sheen of applied gloss medium. On the monitor, animistic fabrics twist and morph while the digital tools of their making - control handles and anchor points - feather and twitch around them like weird antennae. On another monitor, screens depicting maps of the earth jump around spasmodically, reminding viewers that today's material moments of earthly aesthetic interaction transpire in a conceptual register of global interconnectivity."

An excerpt from “Chaos, Dearie: The Mad Love of Lorna Mills” by RM Vaughan

“As you stroll and bug-eye your way through this orgiastic huddle, many words will come immediately into your dazzled mind: shiny, smart, kinetic, digital this and digital that, post-mechanical post-photography post-internet/post-information post-takeyourpick, hypnotic, hilarious, porny, meticulous, epic … and, if you allow yourself to admit such a loaded and troublesome word into your otherwise careful mind, beautiful.”

About the Artist

Canadian artist, LORNA MILLS has actively exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions since the early 1990's, both in Canada and Internationally. Her practice has included obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive on-line animated GIFs incorporated into restrained off-line installation work.

She has also co-curated monthly group animated GIF projections with Rea McNamara for the “Sheroes” performance series in Toronto, a group GIF projection event “When Analog Was Periodical” in Berlin co-curated with Anthony Antonellis, and a touring four person GIF installation, “:::Zip The Bright:::” that originated at Trinity Square Video in Toronto, with artists Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva.

TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.

Transfer Gallery
1030 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211
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