002.mp4 – A. Bill Miller, thoughts on ASCII art

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A. Bill Miller:

In the past year or so, I received two very illuminating comments in regards to my work. Both were fostered by my involvement with an important professional organization. I am grateful for the opportunities that they have afforded me, but these two moments have helped me to understand a great deal. The first seemed somewhat inocuous at the time - various organization members confusion by my remark that in the past I have never felt that their venue was a good fit for my work. The second was more astounding. A reviewer of my work commented (paraphrase) that ASCII art was only interesting as a technical accomplishment and furthermore, it was only interesting as a representational image. One occurance reinforced my beliefs as expressed a year prior. In any case, it has caused me to investigate for myself where and why these concerns are important to me - this video magic minute for netartnet.net is the result of some of those questions.

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