4th WebExpo: Digital Texture

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hi everyone! 

We are glad to present you the 4th monaddigital WebExpo!
The website is now open : http://www.monaddigital.net/

The WebExpo: "Digital Texture" is curated by 梁庆 LiangQing 

We are very proud to show 18 artists from all around the world :

Systaime, GrandLapin, Thomas Cheneseau, Lorna Mills, Matthieu Delourme, 黄小捷, Christelle Hervé, Nick Briz, Léa Pagès, Chase Starr, 李益阳, Miyo Van Stenis, Bernhardt & Ertas, Nicole Killian, Tian LCN, Glenis Paul, Francisco Hauss and 周曼霖. 

Also we invite you to the presentation tomorow, May 31, 2013, at 2pm. in the Nomade GalleryHangzhou, China.




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