Seventeen Gallery: Jon Rafman, A Man Digging

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Jon Rafman, A Man Digging

29th May – 22nd June 2013

PV Friday 7th June 6pm

In A Man Digging, Jon Rafman engages with the emotional and perceptual experience of a present-day explorer as he navigates virtual worlds. The contingency of experience and the intrinsic mutability of memory are foregrounded in the exhibition as Rafman explores the chasm between our online and offline life. Incorporating both anachronistic and cutting-edge technologies, commissions from, and footage from video games, A Man Digging shows how virtual worlds have dislocated the archive from its traditional moorings and have given rise to new forms of desire, anxiety, and nostalgia. While examining the foundational human experience of loss, Rafman points toward the potential of the virtual archive to unveil and reveal alternative ways of constructing and preserving our collective and personal histories.