Palazzo Peckham at the Venice Biennale

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Palazzo Peckham will open in Venice on Sunday 26 May 2013 for the 55th Venice Biennale.

The Palazzo is a live space for new ideas and co-production, cultivating exciting relationships between people. It welcomes its audience as guests and participants. A home from home for an ever-expanding network of creative people.

The Palazzo interiors have been commissioned from international artists
Dora Budor (b.1983 Zagreb, Croatia) Rob Chavasse (b. 1984 Shoreham-by-Sea, UK) Cindie Cheung (b. 1984 Aarhus, Denmark) Joe Hamilton (b.1982 Tasmania, Australia) Katharina Stoever - Peles Empire (b. 1982 Giessen, Germany) Barbara Wolff - Peles Empire (b. 1980 Fagaras, Romania 1980) Amy Petra Woodward (b. 1986 London, UK) Jon Rafman (b. 1981 Montreal, Canada) produced by American Medium Samara Scott (b. 1984 London, UK) Viktor Timofeev (b.1984 Riga, Latvia) and Simon Werner (b. 1986 Basel, Switzerland).

The Palazzo will host a series of live events privately and publicly and uploaded online with: American Medium, Harry Burke, Maja Cule, Simon Denny, Natalie Dray, Cecile B Evans, Rozsa Farkas, Ed Fornieles, Jimmy Merris, MSHR, Yuri Pattison, Paul Pieroni, Tom Saunderson and Andrew Norman Wilson. Peles Empire will screen films from artists Karen Cytter, Claire Hooper, Dani Gal, Ramiken, Magali Reus, Edward Thomasson.

Palazzo Peckham also has its own temporary bar and kitchen created by Jackson Boxer, Frank Boxer & Andrew Clarke providing refreshments throughout.


• Georgia O’Keeffe Lobby
• Waterfront Jetty
• Boat Valet Parking
• Open Air Cinema
• Palm Canopies
• The New Lavaro Bar
• Taki’s Conference Room
• Free Wifi
• Floating Dancefloor
• Aged Negronis and Frozen Margaritas

Palazzo Peckham - Right place right time

Out of a conversation in Peckham, comes Palazzo Peckham!

The Palazzo doesn’t claim to represent the people of Peckham, neither all the artists working there. The use of Peckham represents art-communities needs for a place. It could be exchanged for any district on the edge of a city that hosts a young generation of artists living and working together.

Artist communities, their conversation and their exchange has moved online but physical work and action surface in the right conditions with the right agents. Certain places have become centres in a global neighbourhood. Vernissage week at the Biennale holds potential for those who work in this way; we see this time as opportunity for production. This generation has already met online, the Biennale provides the conventions in which to meet and produce - an opportunity to act.

Palazzo Peckham hopes to act as a host, a meeting place, a facility and a home from home for that community. Open from the 26th of May 2013, Castello 270, Venice.


Commissioned Artists
Dora Budor, Rob Chavasse, Cindie Cheung, Joe Hamilton, Katharina Stoever + Barbara Wolff - Peles Empire, Jon Rafman produced with American Medium, Samara Scott, Viktor Timofeev, Simon Werner, Amy Petra Woodward

Programme Participants
American Medium, Harry Burke + Rozsa Farkas, Maja Cule, Simon Denny in conversation with Matteo Corbetta, Natalie Dray, Cecile B Evans, Ed Fornieles, Jimmy Merris, MSHR, Micheal O’Connor (Rhizome) in conversation with Hito Steyerl , Yuri Pattison + Tom Saunderson, Hannah Perry, Paul Pieroni, Paul Purgas, Andrew Norman Wilson.

Palazzo Peckham Team

Curator/Coordinator Ollie Hogan
Technical Director/Project Manager Ross Chalmers
Produced by Hannah Barry, Ross Chalmers, Ollie Hogan
Venetian Liaison Diana Córdoba Barrios
Accounts and Strategy Sven Mündner
Food and Drink Jackson and Frank Boxer
Hospitality Manager Grace Welch
Design and Branding Simon Whybray
Website Artstack
Foreman Takeshi Shiomitsu
Technical Staff Owen Pidcock, Roland Ross, Tom Saunderson
Technical Assistants Nancy Allen, Alex Devereux, James Halliwell, Hannah R Hopkins, Rosa Nausbaum
Director of Photograph Georgia Hudson
Soundman Sam Austen
Editor/Post Production Takeshi Shiomitsu
Press Relations Rees and Hutchinson
Bar Staff Abi Jones, Rachel Smith, Viktoria Memminger, Max Dovey, Taahir Husain, Thomas Henderson, Lorenzo Monnini, Cameron Flynn
Staff Uniforms designed by EckhausLatta
Chefs Andrew Clarke, Cosmo Palling
Doorman Paul Johnson

Thanks to James Lindon, Jemma Read, Claire Shea, Lois Stonock, Ben Vickers.

New Lavoro Reality show

Conceived and Hosted by Dora Budor
Director of Photography Alex Gvojic
Edited by Erin Grant
Producer Hannah Daly
Production Manager Erin Grant
Production Associates Erika Ceruzzi and Alexander Kellogg
Production Assistants Thurmon Green, Amy Greenberg, Zoe Field, Andrew Sokol
Camera Operators Taran Allen, Lorenzo Durantini, Bryan Fox, Luke Moore, Mitch Moore
Sound Rob Debruin and Pablo Tapia Pla
Wardrobe EckhausLatta
Guest Judges Korakrit Arunanondchai, Frank Benson, Xavier Cha, Keren Cytter, Brian Droitcour, Jamie Sterns, Brad Troemel, Andrew Norman Wilson
Contestants Casey Brander, Nick DeMarco, Jack Eriksson, Martha Hipley, Rachel Lord, Chase C. Middleton, Alli Miller, Bailey Scieszka, Jonathan Stanish, Ian Swanson, Vaughn Taormina, Heather Weston, Gregory Zukauskas
Winner Rachel Lord
Main Theme ‘New New Lavoro’ Slava
Songs by Al Tariq, Perfect Anything / Reusable Tracks (DIS Magazine)

Daily Magazine curated and edited by Elena Michael / James Michael Shaeffer Jr. and Adriana Blidaru
Writers Harry Burke, Pablo Larios, Toke Lykkeberg, Courtney Malick, Elena Michael, Kari Rittenbach, Agatha Wara
Mixtape (Space Soundscape) nightcoregirl, Al Tariq, False Witness, Ilja Karilampi/h00dumentary, Aids 3D, Colin Self, Nick Weiss, Slava
New Lavoro exhibition Debora Delmar Corp., Janus Høm & Toke Lykkeberg/Generousability, Josh Kline, Brad Troemel
Installation produced by American Medium
Dora Budor would like to thank
Olivier and C-L-E-A-R-I-N-G gallery, Bruce High Quality University, DIS magazine, Liz and Robert Kellogg, Elda Oreto (Club Midnight), Mike and Zoe (EckhausLatta), Slava Balasanov, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Rozsa Farkas and Tom Clark (Arcadia Missa), Alexander Kellogg, Josh Pavlacky and Daniel Wallace (American Medium),
Kindly supported with CLUB MIDNIGHT, Berlin

Peles Empire Film Programme Karen Cytter, Claire Hooper, Dani Gal, Ramiken, Magali Reus, Edward Thomasson