001.mp4 – Rollin Leonard 360°

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rollin Leonard talks about a process he's using in creating a new work.


My name is Rollin Leonard, I'm an artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. A lot of my work uses basic studio photography techniques and simple unseen props that help me manipulate bodies in measured ways. Like this giant protractor here that I've made out of my cat's laser pointer, some paper, and my swiveling chair—this is for a video that I am working on of a bust rotating. The video will be split into nine sections, each rotating at different rates. The video exploits a concept called highly composite numbers.

Highly composite numbers are those which have more divisors than any number smaller than them. It's kind of the opposite of a prime number in that it can be cut up in a bunch of different ways and keep numbers whole. So it's not arbitrary that they chose the number 360 to divide up the circle into degrees, because it has 24 divisors and is considered a colossally abundant number. This means I can have bust rotate at nine different rates and reset to a complete body in only 360 frames.

Rollin Leonard is an artist whose work is rooted in crude but systematic studio photography. For the last couple of years the subjects have mostly been bodies and body parts and most of the work has been designed to be experienced online. Rollin was born in 1984 in Boulder Colorado, USA is currently based in Maine. The artist’s work has been shown at such venues as: The Photographer’s Gallery, London; Point Ephémère, Paris; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Moving Image Art Fair, New York; Essential Existence Gallery, Leipzig; Fach & Asendorf Gallery, online; NADA art fair, New York; and has an upcoming solo show at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn October 2013.