Vans Action Gallery, presented by AW LAB

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Vans + AW LAB = Action Gallery

“Taking action from sport to art”: this is the concept behind the Action Gallery project, a temporary art gallery powered by Vans and AW LAB.

Movement and dynamism are the defining elements of both brands, meaning the gallery won’t be exhibiting classic art but more innovative and experimental pieces such as the SKATE ART MACHINE, a ramp that traces the movements of the skaters and transforms them into art, and the GIF ARTIST EXHIBIT, where a selection of international artists will exhibit work they have created with those famous moving images.

Action Gallery is a ‘living’ space, a playground where the spectator is involved in a dynamic experience that makes them more protagonist than observer.




This installation is a normal mini-ramp that transforms into a spectacular ‘generative art machine’. The movements of the skaters are digitally traced by motion sensors and then influence the music and projections, as well as generating 3D sculptures, posters and prints that change every time depending on the movement of the skater and their tricks.




Adam Ferris 3 500

Adam was born in Richmond, VA in 1988. After receiving a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD he relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he currently resides. His recent work utilizes the RGB Tricolor separation process and pixel sorting algorithms as procedural mechanisms to initiate iterative changes in light and pixel structure.

Adam Ferris


Erdal Inci skater 500

Filmmaker, digital artist, and painter Erdal Inci lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey where he has been experimenting with video since 2004. Over the past few months Inci has converted several of these hypnotic videos into gifs and posted them to his blog: His work has been featured in the press and several editorial art blogs such as The Huffington Post, This is Colossal and Il Post among others, and one of his GIFs was exhibited in ‘Moving The Still’ Gif Festival in Art Basel Miami.

Erdal Inci


Georges Jacotey o 4-1 3-3 6-1-2 oL35 500

Georges Jacotey (born 1987, Greece) is a filmmaker, new media artist and the founder of #0000FF Gallery; the first online art gallery on Facebook. He studied Film Direction at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and worked for the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the Greek National Television. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, the Photographers’ Gallery in London and Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen.

Georges Jacotey


Haydi Roket AFTER 500

Since his early exposure to video game consoles and computers—an Atari at five, a Commodore 64 at seven, and an Amiga at thirteen—Mert Keskin, better known as Haydiroket, has always felt drawn to the digital world. Having access to a personal computer at a young age, he unleashed his potential when he began creating digital artworks for Demoscene groups in the mid ’90s. His work resembles the aesthetic of 8-bit colour graphics seen on early Nintendo, Sega, and Commodore devices.



Philippe Blanchard IMG 0824 500

Philippe Blanchard is a Toronto-based artist, animator, teacher and curator. His diverse creative background (film production, digital visual effects and studio arts) has informed an interdisciplinary practice combining animation, installation, light shows, drawing, painting and printmaking. His recent projects include an RGB Installation for the Power Plant, Quest for Fire, LAN Party, Mass Hypnosis, Perpetual Void and Time Tunnel: expanded animation installations featuring screen-printed imagery animated by coloured light. Philippe Blanchard also works as a commercial animation director, principally for Toronto-based studio Head Gear Animation.

Philippe Blanchard


Rrrrrrrroll spaghetti 500

rrrrrrrrolling gif maker from Japan.



Vince McKelvie reflect 500

Vince McKelvie is a graduate of Cal Art’s School of Experimental Animation. He has worked in film, web, performance, stills, games, and interactive installations. Vince has recently become interested in using Tumblr as a platform for displaying content in dynamic and unconventional ways. By customizing his Tumblr he gives his gifs a unique context and lets the viewer experience the work as a whole rather than as a series of individual posts.

Vince McKelvie


Walter Giordano  Peace Pendulum pt. 1 500

Keith Hamworth, born in Potenza, Lucania, Italy, 1985. Currently works and lives in Milan. Visual research advisor since 2010.

Walter Giordano



The day will come to an end with a party organised by VICE, who have brought eclectic South African rapper SPOEK MATHAMBO to Milan for the occasion. After two albums, ‘Mshni’ in 2010 and ‘Father Creeper’ in 2012, where the rapper highlighted his roots by mixing traditional sounds with rap beats, he is now working on a documentary about the rap/electronica scene in his homeland, ‘The Future Sound of Mzansi’.

Spoek Mathambo’s futuristic afro-rap will be accompanied by the heavy, colourful, mixed sound of PIGRO ON SOFA, taking us from simple garage to dub and from old school rap to UK house with just a touch of the fader.

Kicking the night off is PTWSCHOOL SOUNDSYSTEM, Nobel and Bobo are the perfect combo behind the decks, just like pizza and coke on a Sunday night.


And for the Naples date, VICE is bringing a special guest to the city - a living institution as far as UK garage and old school house goes. DJ EZ began spinning vinyl at just 15 years old on London’s pirate radio stations and his talent soon got him noticed. Shortly afterward he started his own night, Club Z, at Gas Club and a programme on historic radio station Kiss 100. His sets still get everyone up on their feet and to get an idea of his mixing skills, just check out his performance at the Boiler Room.

Neapolitans GYM HELL (Wzp Crew) and GUTT (Give Us The Tools) will open the night.



AG-flyer Milano 900px

The Action Gallery will make two stops, the first on 25 May in Milan, at the PROGETTOCALABIANMILANO space. Entrance to the event is free and it will be open to the public from 11:00.

Later that evening, VICE will host the closing party from 22:00 with entrance by invitation only (collect yours from AW LAB Store, Corso Buenos Aires 31).



AG-flyer Napoli 900px

The second stop, on 30 May in Naples, at CASA DELLA MUSICA. Entrance to the event is free and it will be open to the public from 11:00.

Later that evening, VICE will host the closing party from 22:00 with entrance by invitation only (collect yours from AW LAB Store, Via Luca Giordano 55/57).