On Kawara Time Machine

Sunday, 08 April 2012


Manuel Fernández || On Kawara Time Machine

"On Kawara Time Machine", 2011/Ongoing, Website, HTML, javascript, CSS

In On Kawara Time Machine the viewer is given a heightened awareness of death and of the passage of time.

A javascript counter automates the On Kawara time-based "Date paintings" from his Today series. The script begins on January 4, 1966, the date of Kawara's first painting, and counts upward toward the actual date checked in the operating system clock. The CSS code produces the look of the paintings, using futura bold typography on a black background.

The project will be completed on the date of On Kawara's death, at which time a new variable will be added to the code to make the counter end (reset) on that day.

Code: David Matos