Paper Rad GIF PAK (2012)

Monday, 03 December 2012


Paper Rad GIF PAK (2012) - Paperrad
3.1 MB .zip, containing 24 animated GIFs

GIF PAK (2012) is a special collection of 24 animated gifs from, the influential collective Paper Rad's website. Created during a time that predated the social web, Paper Rad's website functioned as a nexus for the collective's fans and followers. The site was regularly updated with new images and animations by its members, and it was common for followers to revisit the site to witness its evolution. The GIF PAK features some of the site's greatest gifs including background images, popular cartoon characters, and promotional materials for tours and gallery shows. This collection was curated by Jacob Ciocci following the preservation of in Rhizome's ArtBase.