The FEED: an exhibition of Internet Based Art at the Jack Chiles Gallery

Friday, 17 May 2013


The FEED is an IRL platform for curated sharing of web content presented by Angelina Dreem and Valerie Veatch. The avatars of select artists are placed in the Jack Chiles Gallery, surrounded by QR codes linking to URL's of their creative discretion. The gallery experience becomes reflective of how web culture is consumed: through a screen and at the whim of curiosity, guests linger among avatars, bookmarking and sharing favorites at this B.Y.O.Device show. Gallery guests are encouraged to graze for as long as they like, soundtracked to live DJ's streaming from all over the world via

The FEED presents an environment in which content is simultaneously being created, consumed and shared, an experiment in prosumption.

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presented by the Jack Chiles Gallery, 481 Broadway, Floor 4 New York
May 20th - ­23rd, 2013 Noon - ­9pm Produced by Angelina Dreem and Valerie Veatch

B.Y.O.Device QR K­HOLE of redirected content and original digital art by:
Vuk Cosic
Nick DeMarco
Deanna Havas
Jessica Biel©
Genevieve Belleveau aka gorgeousTaps
Travis Egedy
Alexandra Gorczynski
Spencer Mansfield Ashby
Signe Pierce
Jono Mî Lô
Debora Delmar Corp.


Monday May 20th

2p-­6pm Open Gallery/ Internet Lounge with live Streaming DJ’s from all over the world curated by Whatever 21 via

6pm Love Child Preview Screening directed by Valerie Veatch

7p-­9p Opening Party Artist Genevieve Belleveau presents FISHING, an evening of performance and experimentation examining the positive feedback loop associated with attention currency. This event will playfully invite you to question the methods and ethics of your own online presentation. Performance artists La Porscha and Dia Dear will be live streamed from California via Google Hangouts.

Tuesday May 21st

2p­-6pm Open Gallery/Internet Lounge with visiting DJ’s streaming live from the gallery via Presentation of Labanna Babalon’s online content and discussion of the reterritorialization of cyber­space. Broadcast live via Google Hangouts and
Live Dj Aaron Kolfage of #Top 8 parties (NYC), Teams (via Moscow), and Palmtrees (NYC) Concurrently presented: sourced work by Young Internet Based Artists

6pm Film Screening of Me @ the Zoo A film by Valerie Veatch and Chris Moukarbel examining the intimate process of internet sensation, Chris Crocker.

7p­-10pm Curated evening of Music A collective of ten taste­making music blogs from all over the world, Ad Hoc is a daily destination for MP3s, videos, mixes, interviews, artist's writings, and cultural commentary­­ curated for quality, and with an emphasis on emerging artists and musical movements that best exemplify the new grassroots, Internet­fueled DIY.

AFTER PARTY presented by AdHoc at The DL

Wednesday May 22nd

2p­-6pm Open Gallery/ Internet Lounge with live Streaming DJ’s from all over the world curated by Whatever 21 via

6pm Screening of Sex in Second Life, 2006

7pm Closing Party DESIGNER DIGITAL hosted by Ms. Fitz and Lil Internet with a live DJ set by
Daniel Keller (Aids­3D, Berlin)
Fashion previews by Whatever 21
Live Second Life visuals by Ariele Max. Performance video by Boychild
9pm ‘Concept commercial’ performance and the Unlimited Internet Mixtape EP release by @Shock_Diamond

AFTER PARTY at Fitness Gallery in Bushwick

Live streaming music in the gallery curated by Whatever21 to enhance the viewing experience by:
Nightcoregirl (Toronto)
Teen Witch (Chicago)
Daniel Dodecahedron (Berlin)
Weird Magic (Berlin)
Mascara (Seattle)
MADDEN (Minneapolis)
Daytime Television (Portland)
and more!