INSTAPAINT: new work by Michael Staniak

Monday, 13 May 2013



(Forward by Parker Ito)

In the beginning man made paintings on the walls of caves. Then perspective was invented and that was cool. Then people tried to paint light (which looked really good). Then men created things called computers. We taught these computers how to paint with light and take really high res photos of cave paintings. And now in the year 2013 it’s all about making paintings on canvas (mostly) (not on cave walls) that look like they are painted with light, that look like paintings not painted with light but sorta like the paintings in the caves. It’s all very confusing because it’s hard to tell what is what and who is who. What am I looking at? What is the thing? Where is the thing?

These are all things.
There is no thing.

But this whole time we’ve been arguing about painting and you just realize that it’s just some dirt on a canvas, on a wall, or on a computer screen.

-Parker Ito is a young Internet based artist

Please join Michael for the opening of this one week pop-up exhibition on Friday May 17.

Hours for the this exhibition differ from the usual gallery hours. Hours for this show: Monday-Friday (except Wednesday May 22) 2-6pm, both Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm.

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