We outsourced everything and now we’re bored.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

outsourced book

‘we outsourced everything and now we’re bored.’ is a project constructed within a book, a collective show and an online database, it considers the banality of our everyday life imbricated into unsteady laptops.

Anthony Antonellis & HENDRIK, Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow, Joseph Buckley, Jack Coltman, Matt Cooper, Nicola Guy, Vida Guzmic, Joe Hamilton, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Judith Lavagna, Marian Luft, Katharina Marszewski, John Henry Newton, Oliver Osborne, Barnie Page, Lucia Quevedo, Blake Shaw, Eric Stephany, Santiago Taccetti, Elvia Wilk & Felix Riemann, Ronny Szillo.

The book, developed by Clémence de La Tour du Pin (Berlin) and John Henry Newton (London) documents a series of performative interventions. This collaboration emphazises dialogue through the use of the web, where the distance becomes a tool - serving as an interesting variable in the way the content of the book is produced. By exploring the blur of boundaries between paper and pixel, the printed pages are revisited by a constant flow of conversations, electronic devices and real-time updates.The ping-pong strategies between the two artists explores peer-to-peer archiving models where the traditional and sustainable role of print is continually threatened and revisited by our digital reality and its infinite reproductibility. By sharing and extending their sources with chosen artists, Clémence de la Tour du Pin, John Henry Newton and curator Judith Lavagna (Berlin) explore a collective mutable authorship based on navigation, distribution of resources and screen-based contents. A constellation of hyperlinks and performative elements that move between the tactile and the digital as well as its inversion. The book become a sort of ‘archeologie of presence’, a work-in-progress stabilised by the print insurance.

From the volatile screen interface to the permanency of the print surface, the extension of the book into a three dimensional space incorporates a new dimension in the works produced: their existence is finally outsourced into our material world and physically related to long-life objects, a response to our mutated generation. By inviting artists to contribute to an exhibition, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, John Henry Newton and Judith Lavagna intend to enlarge the problematic of sourcing & outsourcing by displaying the material approach of a ‘spatialized’ conversation: the artworks exhibited offer a contribution of both references and interferences - combining contemporary art history and digital practices.

Curated by Judith Lavagna and Clémence de La Tour du Pin, the database is both an extension of the book and the exhibition and aims to increase the artists works in a virtual matter implemented online every week. https://woeanwb.tumblr.com/ will result in web-based images selected by participating artists, contents produced during the process of the project and, also some forgotten desktop items. This updated images mixture will bring up a complex system of relation, from our flat screens to the unpredictable hyperspace. This online project is launched during the finissage of the exhibition, when the artworks are leaving the gallery into the storage of everyday life.