Creating professional glitch art with PoxParty

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Creating professional glitch art with PoxParty 
Jon Satrom & Ben Syverson
Notacon 10 

(via Notacon)

In 2010, PoxParty released sOS, the Satromizer OS, which revolutionized the iPad platform. For the first time, you could produce art, sequence music, write letters, and relax with a game, often within the same minute, with different fingers-all thanks to the power of sOS’s proprietary multitouch, multicore SyverEngineTM.

Since then, PoxParty has spent two years investing heavily in the research and development of next-generation enterprise backend cloudware infrastructures. The result is an innovative suite of complementary solutions for seriously getting serious work done.

Inter FacePainter is a paradigm-shifting gamechanger in the world of UI/UX/IxD/AIX design. With Inter FacePainter, you’re finally able to break out of the grid and literally paint interfaces that are as expressive and beautiful as you are. Because when it comes to interface design, more is more.

Satromizer Online (SOL) harnesses the raw power of the web browser and takes Satromizing into the troposphere-where clouds are. This desktop-quality web app gives you unprecedented control, with tools like the JPEG and PNG glitch brush, healing brush, clone stamp and more. With SOL, creating professional glitch art has never been easier!

Sneez!TM is a powerful cloud that extends PoxParty’s entire suite of artistic productivity tools. Sneez! is the fastest way to spread your digital assets. Create an app in Inter FacePainter and Sneez! it to a friend, or Sneez! your SOL document at your boss for review. Sneez! is the quickest way to take your PoxParty projects viral.

PoxParty is jon.satrom and bensyverson.

PoxParty develops artware/funware and performs realtime audio/video.