Why Are There No Great Women Net Artists?

by Jennifer Chan



Vague Histories of Female Contribution
According to Video and Internet Art

Since the women’s liberation movement, various gains and losses have occurred in regards to the representation of women in art.[1] In its infancy, women artists co-opted video as a mass medium for channeling affective and durational realities. Eventually, the migration of video to immaterial digital format and the decentralized distribution of the internet has had implications for its curation and appreciation. While sexism in the art world is an old, ongoing problem, the popularization of “web 2.0” technologies have allowed a previously readerly cyberpublic to become active contributors to online content.[2] By tracing a history of disparate moments in which female voices and contributions were recognized in the media arts, I will compare previous feminist efforts and existing works by women to uncover the causes for the ongoing underrepresentation of women in internet art. [...]