Sunday, 07 April 2013

4-GIFPaint lge

Version 0.2
A simple HTML5 animation application inspired by MacPaint, Deluxe Paint and MSPaint.

Created by James Hicks, if you have any feedback or bugs you can get in touch on Twitter or info (at symbol) I'd also love to see any cool GIFs you make using GIFPaint and will reblog them to the GIFPaint Tumblog

GIFPaint was made possible using the following Open Source projects: Processing.jsantimatter15/jsgif,shachaf/jsgifFileReader.jsjQuery



GIFPaint aims to bring low fidelity GIF based animation to everyone. Built to replicate the simplicity and aliased look of early computer paint programs such as MS Paint and MacPaint but with 1 click sharing to your Tumblog for rapid creation and remixing.