Art Hack Day: God Mode

Thursday, 28 February 2013

What would you do if you were granted the power of invincibility? It’s an age ­old question and one that game developers have been playing with since the early 80s by incorporating a feature called “God Mode”which offers players unlimited strength, seconds of invulnerability, a change in camera perspective, or access to previously unreachable areas. Since then, God Mode has reached beyond gaming and become pervasive in digital life. It's the secret backdoor embedded in all our electronics, it's the jailbreak, it's how phone companies know where you are, it's how ISPs know where you surf, and it's how the NSA can eavesdrop on your communications.

Between February 28–March 2, sixty artists and hackers will inhabit 319 Scholes to explore the idea of God Mode and produce new, collaborative projects. Visitors are invited to engage and interact with the works as they are uploaded online throughout the hack ( and join the teams on Saturday March 2nd starting at 7:00pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and massive party.

Participants include: Ken Amarit, Erik Berglin, Will Brand, Allison Burtch, Crystal Butler, Paul Christophe, Sougwen Chung, CHiKA, Matthew Conlen, Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, Jonathan Dahan, Heather Dewey-­Hagborg, Yu­Ting Feng, James George, Pablo Gnecco, Alexandra Gorczynski, Leonard Grey, Adam Harvey, Nick Hasty, David Huerta, Jason Huff, Chris Hunt, Wu Jiashan, Wu Jiashan, Quin Kennedy, Katie Koepfinger, Ben Lacker, Greg Leuch, Daniel Leyva, David Linderman, Olof Mathé, Sheena Matheiken, Lauren McCarthy, Sean McIntyre, Joe McKay, Aaron Meyers, Jonathan Minard, Dan Moore, Aurelia Moser, Ramsey Nasser, Igal Nassima, Susan Ngo, Forrest Oliphant, Alexandra Olivier, Eszter Ozsvald, Luisa Pereira, Alexander Porter, Reed + Rader, Natalia Radywyl, Chanpory Rith, Rafaël Rozendaal, Ivan Safrin, Toby Schachman, Alan Schaffer, Travess Smalley, Burcum Aybike Türkmen, Clement Valla, Addie Wagenknecht, Nick Yulman, and Jamie Ziegelbaum.

This event is sponsored by MailChimp, Google Chrome, Artsy, New Hive, Open(Art) by Mozilla/Eyebeam, 3D Systems, Fabricators Guild, and