Edition 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Artistes / Artists :

Annie Abrahams ~ BramTV
Jeremy Bailey ~ Do not Mouse Around
Alain Barthelemy ~ Sixteen Million Colors
Émilie Brout et Maxime Marion ~ Google Earth Movies
Christophe Bruno ~ global Artists
Grégory Chatonsky ~ Ma Voix Et Les Phénomènes
Thomas Cheneseau ~ Facebook Feedback
Caroline Delieutraz ~ 300 Avatars Par Défaut
Marco Cadioli ~ Google Melon
Petra Cortright ~ Sparkling
Constant Dullaart ~ The Sleeping Internet
F.A.T ~ Occupy the Internet
Nicolas Frespech ~ I like to like
David Guez ~ 2067TELECOM
JODI ~ GeoGoo
Julien Levesque ~ Rock Around The World
Guthrie Lonergan ~ Artist Looking at Camera
Filipe Matos ~ …
Albertine Meunier ~ Vanity Tapette
Microtruc ~ Supra Galerie
Mouchette ~ Turkmenbashi
Esteban Ottaso ~ 365 Days
Angelo Plessas ~ Mirage Machine
Rafael Rozendaal ~ Falling Falling
Antoine Schmitt ~ La Grand Générique
Nicolas Sordello ~ Blaaabla
Systaime ~ Neticones
Marc Veyrat et Franck Soudan ~ U-rss


Lafiac.com is a space that extends the boundaries of the International Fair of Contemporary Art with artists who use the Web as a creative space.
To discover  exclusively the online gallery we look forward to see you Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 19:00 at the Tapisserie. At the same time that opening of private professional exhibition called « FIAC », come meet figures of contemporary creation in the Internet age.

Curators and organizers
Florent di Bartolo, Julien Levesque and Margherita Balzerani




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