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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


SPAMM opens 15 December 2011

First virtual exhibition SPAMM


Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual, a place that links the world together. A new era for artists who have invented new concepts, using digital medias, from video to graphism, static, animated or even computer-programmed. They have created a flamboyant design for a super-society created in the Web’s image.

Therefore, if “contemporary art” isn’t “from today” anymore, but just a continuing period of the XIX° century “modern art”, we can proclaim - without hesitation - the existence of the Super Modern Art. It has existed for 10 years now across the web and new technologies. Super-modern art is a virtual museum.

By creating the Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM), Michaël Borras a.k.a Systaime and Thomas Cheneseau and the Silicon Maniacs’s team, merely made up for the the indifference of cultural authorities and the need for society to understand the MUSEUM in another way. In 2012, the Museum has to tackle new issues as to the place of art, questionning the way to SEE it and to BUY it. The SuPer Art Modern Museum is an experiment to answer all those questions.

This is the reason why SPAMM takes up theses challenges. SPAMM is not only a new form of museum, it would like to encourage new forms of digital creation.

The Art of SPAMM is the art of Museum, the art of SPAMM is the eye of the collector, the art of SPAMM is the scream of an artistic movement, the art of SPAMM is collaborative and generative, it’s an art that gets out of homes and lives in the heart of machines, a new art for a new generation of artists, collectors, gamers, geeks, buzzers, actors and amateurs alike.

In the midst of this stream of creation, Michaël Borras and Thomas Cheneseau select SPAMM artists. Systaime, Thomas Cheneseau and Silicon Maniac’s team travel the world of virtual creation, from the Venice Biennale to, and they gather all their experiences together in a single place : SPAMM, a museum and an art manifesto.

Jean Jacques GAY Décembre 2011.
If art “should make us see what we have not already seen” (Paul Valery), Super Modern Art show us the art of tomorrow.



Andrey Yazev

Angelo Plessas

Anne de Vries

Anne Laplantine

Annie Abrahams

Anthony Antonellis

Brandon Blommaert

Chris Collins

Chris Timms

Claude Closky

Constant Dullaart

Daniel R Leyva

Dylan Fisher

Emeric Lhuisset

Emilio Gomariz

Eva and Franco Mattes

Evan Roth

Palle Torsson

Petra Cortright

Rafaël Rozendaal

Reynald Drouhin

Robert Lorayn

Rohan Fermi

Rollin Leonard

Rosa Menkman

Sarah Samy

Sarah Weis

Sara Ludy

Sterling Crispin


Thomas Cheneseau

Wiwi Kuan

Yann Weissgerber

Fabien Zocco

Francoise Gamma


Gregory Chatonsky

Helen Adamidou


Jennifer Chan

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremy Bailey


Jon Satrom

Kim Asendorf

Lorna Mills

Louise Sartor

Maurice Benayoun

Mr Doob

Nicolas Sassoon


CURATORS : Thomas Cheneseau + SYSTAIME




  • Curator

    Curated by Thomas Cheneseau & Systaime

  • Date

    15 December 2011

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